Parents Petition For Foul Ball Fix At Pool

Parents Petition For Foul Ball Fix

GREENVILLE - Parents of a Greenville swim team have sent a petition to Parks and Recreation for a solution on foul balls hit into the nearby pool.

Tuesday, Gary Fenton of Parks and Recreation received a signed petition from parents of Yellow Fins swim team at the Greenville Community Pool.

Parent Heidi Dennison said she saw a 5-year-old boy hit in the head with a ball from Babe Prep Field in Guy Smith Park. The boy was participating in a swim meet when he was hit.

"The ball came over the fence and hit him over the head and then actually bounced into the pool," Dennison said. "My reaction as a parent was I was very nervous because it's very dangerous for  them to be hit by a ball by some of these big boys playing baseball."

Mike Godwin with the Greenville Community Pool said, as the baseball and swim team programs have grown, the hours of practice have expanded causing the schedules to overlap. Godwin said this season alone 30 to 40 foul balls have been collected in the pool during the day and night. 

Fenton said the short-term solution for the foul balls is to adjust the schedules. At the end of the season officials will meet with an engineer to determine if a net or a back stop will help alleviate the issue. Such a project could cost $25,000. Fenton said at the present time there is not enough room in the budget. Officials hope to have a plan set by next spring.

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