Parents: Old Hotel Pool A Drowning Danger

NEW BERN - An abandoned pool near downtown New Bern is not surrounded by a fence, and parents are worried their children could fall into the pool and drown.

There?s about five feet of water in the pool, which is behind the Days Hotel building on Broad Street.

The hotel is no longer open, and the owner is in bankruptcy.

?It?s very dangerous,? Barbara Buck said of the pool; her grandson lives near the property.

There is no fence or gate blocking entrance to the building?s parking lot, and the pool is adjacent to the parking lot.

Trashed bottles, a bike tire, and the season?s pollen float on the water?s surface. Life rings in the pool allude to its history as a viable place to take a swim.

But Cory Brantley says the pool is now feet from a common corridor, a walking path that connects Trent Court housing complex to the Craven Terrace apartments.

A misstep by Brantley?s grandson could turn deadly, he said.

?He can?t swim ? no one would be back there to even know,? Brantley said.

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