Parents of teen who died in skateboarding accident file suit against hospital

Parents of teen who died in skateboarding accident file suit

EMERALD ISLE, CARTERET COUNTY - The parents of a Carteret County teen who died in a skateboarding accident are taking legal action against the hospital the victim was taken to.

The lawyers of David and Kimberly Hughes, of Emerald Isle, filed a legal complaint against Carteret General Hospital Monday.

The couple's son, 13-year-old Andrew "Drew" Hughes, was transported to that hospital after his accident on June 28. According to police, Drew was skateboarding in the Lands End neighborhood in Emerald Isle when he fell and hit his head. The teen was not wearing a helmet, investigators said.

Drew was eventually transferred from Carteret General Hospital to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, where he died on June 29 from his injuries, according to police.

The lawsuit filed by the attorneys of Drew's parents claims that Carteret General Hospital officials were negligent in that:

  • "They failed to keep Drew Hughes properly sedated and restrained."
  • "They failed to properly re-intubate Andrew Davis Hughes during the transport [from Carteret General to Vidant]."
  • "They failed to perform standard objective tests to verify proper placement of the endotracheal tube."
  • "They failed to recognize clear signs and symptoms of an esophageal intubation and respond to those signs."
  • "They attempted to falsify the medical records to cover up their negligence."
  • "They failed to use their best judgment in the treatment of Drew Hughes."
  • "They failed to use reasonable care and diligence in the treatment of Drew Hughes and in the application of their knowledge and skill to the care of Drew Hughes."
  • "They failed to possess the required skill and learning to treat Drew Hughes."
  • "They failed to practice within the standard of care for respiratory therapists, nurses and/or paramedics in the same or similar communities."
  • "They were negligent in such other respects as may be shown at trial."

The suit continues, "In addition, the actions of employees of defendant Carteret General and officers, directors and managers of Carteret General were grossly negligent and/or were done with reckless disregard for the rights and safety of others such that the cap on non-economic damages does not apply to this case."

The suit states that Drew's parents are entitled to an amount in excess of $10,000 "to recover compensatory damages for medical expenses and other expenses." The parents are also entitled to more than $10,000 "to recover damages for infliction of severe emotional distress," and another amount in excess of $10,000 to cover "the negligence of defendants," according to the lawsuit.

An official at Carteret General told NewsChannel 12 the hospital "extends its deepest sympathies to the Hughes family." But the official said she cannot comment on the allegations in the suit.

In addition to his parents, Drew is survived by two older brothers.

"We were all best friends. We did everything together. We watched movies together, we fought with each other," said Drew's oldest brother, Brewer Hughes.

"He was always happy. He was always making us laugh," said Zack Hughes, the teen's other brother.

Drew was a rising freshman at Croatan High School.

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