Parents help revamp 62-year-old primary school

Parents help revamp 62-year-old primary school (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

FARMVILLE, PITT COUNTY - The Little Red School in Farmville was in need of an upgrade after years of use and a storm damaged the roof causing moisture to build up in the ceilings.

The school is considered a mainstay in the community.

"It's been here for so many years, the community wanted it to stay. They said it was a staple of Farmville," Ronda Mozingo, a teacher at Little Red School, said.

"It is a staple. When you think of Farmville, you think of Little Red School," Samantha Brann, a parent who helped fix up the school, said.

Since 1951, this non-profit primary school has been the place where children learn their ABC's, solve puzzles and play with building blocks.

However, from all the wear and tear of the last sixty-two years, the school started to look run down.

"Over time everything has faded and it just needed a facelift. It needed some sunshine back in these doors," Brann said.

Then, last summer a storm came through and damaged the school's roof, causing moisture to build up in the ceilings.

Both teachers and parents agreed that it was time for a change.

"We had a big spot in this class. Over here in the corner was real bad and it had covered half the ceiling," Mozingo said.

Since they were already getting the roof and ceiling fixed, the parents came up with the idea to totally renovate the school. They put new paint on the walls, added new carpet to the classrooms and even had enough money left over to buy some flat screen TV's.

"There wasn't enough money from the insurance check to do that. There was only enough to do the roof and the ceiling. So we put together a banquet and a fundraiser and raised right at $5,000," Brann said.

Brann said they didn't just sit back and let others do all the work. She said a group of parents helped get the project started.

"We actually came in and sanded with sanders. Sanded all the old bookshelves ourselves. Me and the other two moms," Brann said.

The teachers were not allowed to see the whole process take place. The parents wanted the transformation to be a surprise. 

"I was very happy. It's like a totally different school. The colors are brighter. It makes you happier. And it made us want to decorate more. I mean the school looked wonderful," Mozingo said.

The primary school teaches children ages 2-4 years old. The class sizes range from 10-14 students.

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