Pamlico Woman Shines At The DNC

Monica Gibbs Breaking The Mold

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BAYBORO - The last time anyone represented Pamlico County at the democratic national convention was 1968. That's why Elizabeth Cox, the District 3 Vice Chair for the Democratic Congressional Party, decided to do something about it.

"We felt that it was time we had a delegate and that was Monica Gibbs," Cox said.

Monica Gibbs is now the first African American delegate and the first woman to fully represent Pamlico. In 1964 Mildred Buck of Reelsboro attended the National Convention in New Jersey, but she served as an alternate.She beat out over 100 people for the opportunity in May.

"I can't really put into words what it means to me that I would be been selected out of so many to represent my county district 3," said Gibbs.

"To have a link between one of our local people Monica and the President of the US is very important to every one of our 1300 people in Pamlico County," said Cox.

Gibbs has already posted pictures on her Facebook page. One picture shows her posing with Janice Covington, the first transgender and most talked about delegate to attend the convention.

Gibbs says this is just the beginning for her. She hopes this opportunity allows her to continue to improve her community that's been struggling for the past year since hurricane Irene tore through.

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