Pamlico residents petition duck impoundments

Pamlico residents petition duck impoundments

GOOSE CREEK ISLAND, PAMLICO COUNTY - Some people living in Pamlico County say they are experiencing a growing controversy-- and the discussion of ducks is at the center of it all.

Residents of Goose Creek Island say more duck impoundments are popping up in their backyards.

A group of roughly 60 residents signed a petition to put a stop to these designated duck hunting areas that they say cause noise issues and safety concerns for their area.

Resident Freddie Jones says,"You have to have some type of system, where the people in the community-you know if it's in your backyard you can have an input-- either yay or nay."

The issue was later brought to the Pamilco County planning board, but the board's legal counsel says hunting regulations fall in the hands of the General Assembly under state bylaws.

The planning board chairman Hiram Lupton says the only way the county may get involved is if there is an evident issue involving public safety.

Lupton also says petitioners may submit a proposal to the General Assembly if they hope to enact any true changes.

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