Pamlico Middle One Year Later

Pamlico Middle 1st Day

BAYBORO - It's been a year since rain water from Hurricane Irene transformed the inside of Pamlico Middle School's gym into a pool, but today excitement and high expectations replace that memory.

A pep rally to reflect on the schools journey since Irene and what to expect for the coming year kicked off an exciting first day of school for students like Autumn Gaskill.

"I was excited about school starting again actually," said the 6th grader.

"A year ago to date, between 8-20 feet of water from Irene consumed parts of the school. 300 Students were displaced for 8 ½ months.

"We're back in our building, we think it looks great for an old school," said Principal Lisa Jackson. "Walking in the building right after Hurricane Irene finally left, it made you wonder if we'd ever get back into our building. The kids actually kept us going. They knew all along we'd get back into our building."

Despite all of the major improvements there's still a lot of work to be done like inside the family learning center that has yet to reopen.

Since returning in April, "Rising Above" has been the school's motto, a motto 8th grade student Shonda Lee truly believes in.

"I feel like were rising above the storm because we got though it and we didn't have that many doubts," she said.

Proud to see how far they've come, it's more than a coincidence this is home of the Hurricanes.

"It takes a whole lot more to knock these Hurricanes down," said Principal Jackson.

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