Pamlico County student going to Harvard

High school senior accepted to Ivy League School

Pamlico County student going to Harvard

BAYBORO, PAMLICO COUNTY - Emma Wheeler has a thirst for knowledge, and she is quenching it by going to Harvard University. 

"I opened up the email.  I saw "Congratulations".  I screamed a little bit.  It was so exciting," said Wheeler.

She will be the first graduate from Pamlico County High School to attend the Ivy League University.  It's not all computers and calculators for the young lady.

"I'm on the cross country team.  I do a lot of community theater.  I'm really involved with youth government.  I'm student body president," said Wheeler.

Wheeler said her love of learning and being organized helped her get to where she is, but her teachers say that they are learning from her as much as she is learning from them.

"It's made me improve as a teacher, and she is an amazing student so you really have to be on your game teaching her," said Kali Hudgins, Wheeler's English teacher.

Kali Hudgins hopes that younger students see Wheeler reaching the highest levels of education, and that they will be inspired to follow in her footsteps.

"For them to see other students from a small area, a small community and having the same financial worries they have.  I think it makes it more achievable," said Hudgins.

"Anyone can do it.  You just have to believe in yourself.  Sometimes things don't work out and sometimes they do," said Wheeler.

Wise words to follow from a future Harvard freshman.

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