Pamlico County residents clean up from one hurricane, prepare for another

Hobucken residents pull double duty of hurricane clean up, preparation (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

HOBUCKEN - Some Pamlico County residents could spend this weekend battling two storms: the ongoing clean up from Hurricane Irene and weathering Hurricane Sandy.

Along Highway 304 in Hobucken, the trend over the last year has been residents elevating their homes.

George Stout was one of them.

"[Hurricane Irene] came in and destroyed it," Stout said of his home.

The process of elevating the house is ongoing.

His neighbor, Roland Leary, is doing the same thing.

The undertaking was worth it, Leary said, especially with possible local effects from Hurricane Sandy.

"It's a relief, big relief," Leary said of having his home elevated.

Hurricane Irene hit eastern North Carolina in late August of last year.

Hurricane Sandy is set to make landfall near New York City, but its outer bands could bring heavy rain and flooding to parts of eastern North Carolina this weekend.

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