Pamlico County firefighters awarded Medal of Courage

Pamlico County firefighters awarded Medal of Courage

PAMLICO COUNTY - Six Pamlico County Firefighters were awarded with a national award. Fire officials say they were the first in the county to ever receive it.

On Tuesday night, the firefighters from various departments in the county showed up to Pamlico Community College to accept their medals. They received the Medal of Courage.

The award was in response to a fire that happened on Prescott Road near Grantsboro in March. Crews responded to the home and rescued 80-year-old Phillip Prescott.

When crews arrived, they said it was an emotional moment. Many of the first responders new the Prescott, including his son who is a Pamlico County firefighter.

Prescott later died from smoke inhalation after being recused from the fire, said investigators.

Among the people awarding the first responders was the former Grantsboro-Sliverhill Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Monnie Golden. He says he submitted the paperwork to have these firefighters recognized with the national award.

"Been a long time coming, there are a lot of them that done stuff like this before and never got any recognition for it and it's been that way for years," Golden said. "And it's time for a change."

This moment was bitter sweet for many of the firefighters.

"It makes me feel good," said Captain Curtis Grant, one of the firefighters awarded. "Everybody was a hero that night, because everybody worked so hard to get it together to try to make this turn out a different way."

The six firefighters awarded were Chief Daniel Suggs, Captain Craig Styron, Jeffery Sanders, Fire Marshal Christopher Murray, Lieutenant Jeremy Lee and Captain Curtis Grant.

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