Pair facing hundreds of charges after alleged crime spree

Official says charge tally is higher than he has ever seen

Pair facing hundreds of charges after alleged crime spree

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Pitt County Sheriff's deputies say they have solved 20 break-ins with just two arrests.

Deputies arrested Jose Santos and Mari Crumpler as the result of a tip from ABC Law Enforcement. They say the pair broke into a string of business along US-13 from Greenville to Farmville. The break-ins occurred over a month long period, from October to November of 2013.

As a result, Santos and Crumpler are facing 35 charges out of Pitt County. However, ABC Law Enforcement officials say they are responsible for multiple other crimes. Charges from those crimes add up to a tally of almost 700 counts. When asked if he'd ever seen anything like this before, Detective C.H. Christopher of the Pitt County Sheriff's Office said, "Never. Never in my life. That's a boatload of counts."

Officials say Santos is crafty, multilingual, a member of a dangerous gang and a drug-addict. They say he was stealing to support that habit. Crumpler was the accomplice, who supplied the car the pair used in some of the break-ins.

Victims of their crime spree include multiple businesses, residences, churches and the Old Red Oak Fire House. Deputies say the pair stole 740 pounds of steel from the fire house, at a value of only $87 dollars. 

At last check, bond information for the pair was unavailable.

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