Packaging K-9 Care

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CRAVEN - From security to explosive More than 200 dogs work around the clock to assist the military. Since the military only provides food and minimum veterinary care the K-9s still end of sick and eventually sent back to the states.

In April, Sgt. Ashley Moore teamed up with her friend Alexandra Kennedy to start "Operation Kennel Mom". Moore sat down with News Channel 12 via Skype from Afghanistan

"Some of the dogs suffer from little things that we could take care of ourselves but we didn't have the means to do it and prevent it so that's why we started this," said Moore.

She says some of the service dogs end up suffering from gum disease, separation anxiety, and even PTSD all because they don't have the simply necessities

"They're walking up to 25 miles a weekend if not more, so they're doing the same things, but without a lot of support you know. Unless somebody knows they're here," she said.

So far the program has received 30 care packages filled with toys, treats, leashes, and shampoos. Moore says there still a need for other items like booties, thunder vest, and first kits to help with the small care that vets normally don't have time for.

"Our goal is basically to help the dogs make sure if they're in a remote location that they have those little things that kind of comfort them. The same way a person would get a care package to comfort them. We basically want to help keep them in country and healthy and keep them with their handler," Moore said.

To find out how you can help Operation Kennel Mom, find them on Facebook.

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