Oyster recycling streamlined

Big yellow bins help collection

Eastern Carolina - For years the North Carolina Oyster Shell Recycling program is based around collecting old oyster shells and replanting them each spring into the waters off North Carolina. When new oysters are looking for a spot to grow, they "taste" the floor of the ocean. Oysters prefer to form in clumps, so new oysters will look for old oyster shells to settle down on.

Clumps of oysters act to filter the ocean water, and reduce erosion.

Due to state cutbacks, the North Carolina Oyster Shell Recycling Program has downsized the bulk of its public drop off sites as well as restaurants across the state.

To continue and expand, the program needed to transition into a more efficient way in its handling and collection procedures with the use of dump trailers and large holding containers such as three sided bins, roll-off containers, and roll-out carts.

The new big roll off containers are now at three recycling sites in Carteret County. The first is off Highway 58, the second is in Otway on Harkers Islands Road, the third is on Hibbs Road.

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