Over-zealous campaigners warned

Over-zealous campaigners warned

KINSTON - Several instances of solicitation violation have been reported at Lenoir County voting locations, according to the County Board of Elections.

Oscar Herring, County Board of Elections member, said instances of people electioneering too close to the polling sites have been reported at three of the four sites in the county.

According to state law, electioneering must take place at least 50 feet from a polling location.

But some voters said soliciting has crossed the line.

"They're putting a lot of pressure on the system and pushing the envelope to see how far they can get away with it," Mac Daughety, Lenoir County Commissioner said.

Doughety said he was at the polls at Vernon Park Mall in Kinston last week when he noticed a woman inside handing out party ballot cards a list of candidates to vote for.

"I was appalled."

Herring said the Board of Elections has already corrected the problem by putting up signs to clearly mark the designated area.

According to law, those who violate solicitation boundaries can be arrested. Herring said no arrests have been made in Lenoir County.

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