Original owner of escaped dog wants adoptive family to return it

Original owner of escaped dog wants adoptive family to return it

DOVER, CRAVEN COUNTY - A Craven County woman is seeking to get her dog back after it escaped from her house. But the new owners aren't interested in returning the animal.

Kimberly Sutton, of Dover, owned Clyde, a white Chihuahua, for two years. While remodeling her home, the dog got out and did not return, Sutton said.

"I just want my dog back," Sutton told NewsChannel 12. "He's a part of my family."

Sutton said she reported the dog missing to Craven-Pamlico Animal Services Center. She was later notified that her dog was taken to a neighboring animal shelter in Lenoir County.

But at the Lenoir County SPCA, Sutton learned that her dog had been adopted by another family.

"They told me they only had to hold him for three days," Sutton said.

Legally, animal shelters in North Carolina must hold an animal in their care for 72 hours. After that, an animal becomes eligible for adoption.

"Please bring him home. It's like having a child and not knowing where he is," Sutton said.

Officials at the Lenoir County animal shelter said they reached out to the new adoptive family, but the family refused to give the dog back.

NewsChannel 12 spoke with the director of the Lenoir County shelter, Jerry Henderson, who said incidents like this are rare.

The center cares for more than 100 animals a month, and does its best to place these animals in good homes as fast as possible, Henderson said.

Sutton has been placing ads in the Kinston Free Press and the Sun Journal, asking the new adoptive parents to give Clyde back. If you would like to reach her, call (252) 717-6221.

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