Onslow residents head to mall for post-Christmas shopping

Onslow residents head to mall for post-Christmas shopping

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - The Christmas hype may be over, but the shopping isn't.

On Thursday, husbands tagged along with their wives at the Jacksonville Mall to do some after-Christmas shopping.

"She just had had to get a different size, and then at the same time, she found a couple of things she liked so she picked that up as well," said Dwayne Wischnowsky.

Some people were still in the mood to give gifts.

"I'm finding some good deals for my daughter, and I also found a good deal for shoes for my 12 year old," said April Robbins, a mother.

Other shoppers used this day to think ahead.

"We're out hitting bargains for after Christmas," said Carolyn Rhodes. "We're going to try to save some of it up for next year."

Whether it was returning the wrong gift, switching that sweater, or searching for sales, this year, more people are spending, rather than just returning.

"It's good for the community," said Orine Funk, one of Sears' managers. "It drives business and keeps footprints coming in the door. That's what we like to see."

Jacksonville City Manager Richard Woodruff says consumer confidence nationally has improved over the last year. That's true to this area, too.

"Shopping in your hometown is essential, because it means that as you shop and you buy for your family, the taxes that you're paying come back and help provide services through Onslow County and through the municipalities," Woodruff said.

He says even with the military draw down, next year looks promising.

"We believe that 2014 will be a positive year for the city of Jacksonville, for the Onslow County area, economically," Woodruff said. "We're certainly going to have our challenges, but on the other hand, we have great strength, great stability through our military partners."

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