Onslow deputies investigate series of break-ins

Onslow deputies investigate series of break-ins

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - "You're angry, you're upset, but at the same wave of emotion, you're glad your family wasn't home."

On Monday, Fred Jenkins came home to a crime scene.

"When I came in the door, I noticed some windows busted out," Jenkins said. "Things were pretty much thrown throughout the house."

Jenkins says a drawer full of valuables was taken along with money, a gun and jewelry. Perhaps the most valuable, letters from his wife's deceased father, were also snatched.

"He passed away 15 years ago," Jenkins said. "There's a part of him they took from her even more, and I can't fix that. I can't put that back."

He says a neighbor may have caught a glimpse of who's behind this. The neighbor drove by his house and saw a car that didn't belong.

The Onslow County Sheriff's Department is investigating this along with several other break-ins in the Old 30 Road area in Jacksonville. The Sheriff says his office has a person of interest.

"I certainly feel violated," Jenkins said. "You feel like someone knows a lot more about you than you want them to know."

Jenkins encourages all neighbors to get to know each other so they can look out for one another. He also advises getting an alarm system to protect your home.

Anyone with information about these break-ins are encouraged to call the Sheriff's Department.

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