Onslow County Sheriff's deputies investigate drive-by shooting

Onslow County Sheriff's deputies investigate drive-by shooting

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - "We woke up to glass shattering and a gun shot," a woman said.

She didn't want to be identified because she's afraid of who shot at her home -- an overnight shooting that now has deputies on a hunt.

Someone or some people are behind a drive-by shooting Saturday night, something Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown says is offensive.

"There's a blatant disrespect for that, that this country has got to get back, and say very boldly, we're not going to tolerate it, and we're going to punish it to the extent of the law," Brown said.

It happened around 11 p.m. off Firetower Road in Jacksonville. Deputies say a vehicle pulled up behind this mobile home, and someone fired a shotgun into the bedroom window. In that bedroom were the woman and her husband asleep.

"All I really remember is my husband telling me to get down, and stay down," she said.

The woman says the car peeled off and drove away down Walnut Drive. She says she called 9-11 immediately, hoping deputies could catch the vehicle. Onslow County deputies say there isn't much information about this case but hope they're actively investigating to find out who did this.

The woman hopes it's soon.

"It can happen to anybody, if anyone has seen or heard anything, maybe they can come forward and they can catch who done it," she said. "Because this may not be the only time that they come back."

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