Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown announces retirement

Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown announces retirement

ONSLOW COUNTY - Longtime Onslow Sheriff Ed Brown has announced he will retire in November.

At a meeting Friday morning, Brown, who was first elected into office in 1990, said he will retire on Nov. 30.

"Even after my retirement on Nov. 30, 2014, I will continue to love you and pray for you and your family, and will pray God, asking his blessings on you," Brown addressed to Onslow County. "I love each of you citizens and would give my life to save your life."

Brown added he is looking forward to spending more time with his own family once he retires.

Brown was defeated on May 6 in the Republican primary by Hans Miller, who received more than 69 percent of the votes.

Miller will face Democrat Scott Himes in the Nov. 4 election. The winner will take office on Dec. 1.

Both Miller and Himes were at the meeting Friday morning when Brown announced his retirement. Brown said he will support whoever becomes the new sheriff.

"I recognize you both equally as viable candidates for the Office of Sheriff for Onslow County," Brown said. "I pledge to work diligently with the sheriff elected in the general election untilĀ  I retire on Nov. 30."

Himes said Brown has done a great job over the years.

"It's all about the sheriff today. It's not about Himes, it's not about the election. It's about Ed Brown and the great job he's done the past 24 years," said Himes.

NewsChannel 12 also spoke with Miller after Brown's announcement.

"I heard nothing that was in conflict with my goal to serve the people of Onslow County. Also, the employees of the Sheriff's Office with good policies and training and fairness," Miller said.

Miller added that he wishes Brown well in his retirement.

The Miller-Brown race made headlines when Brown alleged that Miller was possibly involved in a series of bomb threats throughout Onslow County.

But District Attorney Ernie Lee announced in late April that there was no credible evidence to suggest Miller was connected to any bomb threats.

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