Onslow County couple get married on Valentine's Day

Onslow County couple get married on Valentine's Day

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Love fills the air on this Valentine's Day -- the day that Camp Lejeune Marine Tyler Freeman and Samantha Quemuel decided to say, "I do."

"I was excited to be marrying the man of my dreams," Quemuel said.

The couple met over breakfast at the Waffle House about a year ago. It was meant to be.

Chief Magistrate Robert Carpenter believes it's certainly a special day.

"That person you cherish, you just try to have a special time with them, be it at home, be it going out to dinner," Carpenter said.

Carpenter said magistrates perform about six weddings on a typical day. But on Valentine's Day, it's more like 40. He usually sees younger couples in their early 20s, mostly military.

The whole wedding process can take about 30 minutes. First, one would start at the register of deeds. One would apply for a marriage license, which costs about $60 in Onslow County. One would then take the license to the Magistrate's Office, pay the magistrate $20, and fill out some paperwork.

Quemuel said the special day isn't just about her groom.

"Share the love for your families, the love that you have for your families, and everybody in it -- your friends, your best friends, your husband, your wife, your brothers, your sisters," Quemuel said. "Share with them the love as well, and take time for your significant other too."

It was hard for her father, Leonard Quemuel, to hand off his little girl. But he knows she's in good hands.

"You're going to give, and you're going to receive, and that's all I can ask, and you're doing that now," Leonard said to his daughter at the end of the wedding ceremony.

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