Onslow Co. Deputy remembered Monday

Deputy dies in court

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Services for an Onslow County Sheriff's deputy who died while serving as a bailiff were held Monday in Jacksonville.

Deputy Steven Black's funeral was held at Jones Funeral Home at noon Monday, with burial following at Arthur Davis Family Cemetery.

Last week, the Onslow County Sheriff's Office created a small memorial table in the foyer of the building, to honor Deputy Black.

Black, a 12 year veteran of the department, died while working as a bailiff in court last week.

"It's kind of like a dream to start with, it's kind of like it's not real," said Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown.

Deputy Black's badge and hat were placed on a table between the American and state flag to commend his service as a deputy.

"Steve, good person, very great person, hard worker, committed, dependable," said Brown.

On Wednesday morning Sheriff Brown held a meeting with his deputies who were in the courtroom when Black died. He commended his staff for staying strong as they watched their friend and co-worker pass away.

Sheriff Brown said, "There becomes a bond there that when something happens to one, it affects everybody."

Sheriff Brown says the feeling hasn't quite sunk in yet that Deputy Black is gone, but his department must carry on.

"It's real. Its happened. You have to go on and adjust to it and accept the fact that you can't reverse it so that's just what we've got to do," said Brown.

Sheriff Brown and Colonel Boyd Brown drover over to Deputy Black's home to personally deliver the sad news to Black's wife.

Flags will remain at half staff for a week in honor of Deputy Black.

Sheriff Brown says a full color guard memorial service is being planned for Deputy Black.

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