One year later: Goose Creek Island Fire Department has big plans

Still serving community in old building

The Goose Creek Island Volunteer Fire Department has everything back in place after Hurricane Irene.

Fifty-four inches of water flooded the fire house damaging all of the equipment inside.  With their supplies drying out in the parking lot, the building still served the community.  Months into recovery, food still lines the tables ready to feed hungry families.

Now, Chief William Rowe and crew have plans to rebuild the firehouse.

"The cost of repairing the old station is about as much as building a new one," Rowe said.

The GCIVFD runs solely on donations and fundraisers.  They were able to get enough money to start looking into acquiring two plots of land to rebuild the fire station.  The pieces of property are across Hwy 304 from the original building.  When they start the construction process, crews will not raise the building.

"The new building would have to be raised according to the flood plain which is eight feet plus two.  That's a right good height to bring trucks out," Rowe said, of the ramp that would be needed to take those trucks up and down.

The fire department keeps moving with the help of donated equipment and vehicles.

"We'll try to do what we can with the existing fire department until we hear a definite answer in building a new station," Rowe said.

Hurricane Irene left her mark on the people down in the county, but the only place to go from here is up.

TORI TIDBIT:  The fire department membership has nearly doubled. Before the storm, there were only 12 members.  Now, they are up to 21.

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