One local school is "jumping" for a cause

Jump Day at Vanceboro Farmlife Elementary School

This week Vanceboro Farmlife Elementary School kicked off their healthy heart appreciation month.

It's called "Jump Day," when students at all grade levels jump rope to support the American Heart Association.

While the 13 –year-old is not a student at Farmlife Elementary any more, Justin said he never misses a year to participate.

"It means a lot because they did a lot for me, so I feel it's like my way to pay them back," said Justin.

Justin was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Which means the left side of his heart was not completely developed when he was born.

Since then Justin has had three open heart surgeries. The first one when he was just five days old.

"Being strong for him, I try. Usually he's the one saying momma it will be alright, momma I'll be ok," said mother Wendy Coombs.

Wendy said although his heart might work differently than others, when it comes to giving back, his heart is definitely the biggest.

"He does for other people before he does for himself, when he's the one who's been through so much," she said.

Wendy said the next step will be a heart transplant, when Justin's a little older.

 "I know it's going to get harder a time goes by I'm sure, but we've learned a lot about life in general. We've got a mother son bond that's unbreakable," said Wendy.

In April, Justin hopes to go to Wrestle Mania in New Jersey, through the Make a Wish Foundation.

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