One dead in deputy-involved shooting

Residents debate if deputy made correct choice by shooting and killing person

One dead in deputy-involved shooting

EDGECOMBE COUNTY - People in the town of Crisp, where one person was shot and killed by a deputy, are debating whether or not that deputy made the correct decision.

Edgecombe County Sheriff's deputies say one person was killed in an deputy-involved shooting Monday.
They say deputies responded to a domestic dispute at about 4:00 Monday afternoon.  Deputies say a person had a weapon and charged at a deputy.  
Deputies say the person failed to obey the deputy's orders and was shot and killed.

"I feel like he was threatened so he done what he needed to do," said Neal Phillips, who owns a business down the road from the shooting scene, and claims to know the identity of the deputy who did the shooting. "I would have done the same thing."

However, some people feel as though the deputy did not have to shoot the person.

"Soon as he saw him running out of the house he could have shot him in the leg or something. He'd have been down, go put him in handcuffs, take him to the hospital, take him to jail," said Samuel Cruz, of Crisp.

Crisp says the person who was killed was in possession of a sword when he or she was shot. Upon further investigation of the aerial footage, an object resembling a sword could be seen next to an evidence marker in the front yard.

"What are you gonna do, throw a sword and kill him like that? No, that's not gonna happen, a bullet will kill you a lot quicker than a sword would," said Cruz.
The identities of those involved have not been released by officials.
The SBI will investigate, as is normal in an officer-involved shooting.

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