Once homeless Marine veteran hosts Christmas dinner for homeless friends

Former homeless veteran gives back to homeless friends for Christmas

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - A once homeless Marine veteran is hosting a Christmas dinner to give back to his homeless friends.

When NewsChannel 12 first met Ramon Torres at a job fair in November, he was staying at a homeless shelter and looking for work.

Now, Torres is back on his feet with a job as a parking attendant at Coastal Carolina Community College. He also has a new apartment in Jacksonville thanks to the nonprofit group, Family Endeavors, which is paying his rent for the first two months.

Good Samaritans have also given him furniture and other items. So on this Christmas Day, Torres decided it's his turn to help others by hosting a dinner at his new home.

"So now that I''ve gotten this stuff, I'm now giving back," said Torres. "You see all my friends from the shelter here, and I told them I'd invite them over for dinner because it's a nice warm place where they can come and enjoy Christmas dinner with us."

Torres came to Jacksonville several months ago without a home. He stayed at a Greyhound bus station and at the Onslow County Homeless Shelter before getting that job at CCCC.

Now, Torres has a new apartment, and is celebrating Christmas with his friends he met at the shelter, many of whom are still living there.

"This is really, like, the best Christmas I've ever had," Torres told NewsChannel 12. "I've never been around so many generous, warm-hearted people."

One of those people is Torre's friend, Darryl Ware.

"Give all what you can, and me, Ramon and the rest of us -we've been so blessed, and we try to give to others," said Ware.

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