Olympic Dream Starts In Local Gym

US Gymnastics Team Inspires Young Gymnasts

Olympic Dream Starts In Local Gym

CRAVEN COUNTY - Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman are part of the "Fab Five" going down in the history books.  The team's dedication and hard work did not form overnight.  Most of them get their start in gyms like New Bern Gymnastics.  Inside, Stephanie Bruno and her coaching staff work with dedicated students.

"I have some girls that commute as far as an hour away to come to practice.  They come to practice four days a week," said Bruno.

Fifth grader, Hailey Davis, puts in 16 practice hours a week to get to the next level of competition.

"I don't ever want to quit gymnastics,"said Davis.

There are ten levels of difficulty a gymnast can complete.  The Olympians perform at a higher elite level.  To get from one level to the next, a gymnast must attain a certain score in competition.

"There's a lot of people better than me, but it still doesn't mess me up, it just makes me want to practice harder," said Davis.

The young athletes know the time put in will pay off.

"They are really working towards being able to get a scholarship and go to college and be a division on athlete by doing something that they are passionate about," said Bruno.

A passion shown in flips and splits that could win them gold.

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