Officials: Woman drives car alongside railroad track, sleeps overnight

Police: Woman Blacks Out, Drives Down Train Tracks (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

NEW BERN - Authorities believe a medical condition led to a woman sleeping overnight in her car near a railroad track after she drove her car about 1,000 feet down the tracks.

A Norfolk Southern train stopped near the car around 9 a.m. Friday,

The scene was off Taberna Way in Craven County near the entrance to the Taberna development.

Railroad workers checked the tracks and, finding no problem, allowed the train to proceed.

The vehicle was off to the side of the tracks.

Authorities found 20-year-old Lisa England inside the vehicle, police said. They believed the Arizona woman had been there all night, and that she drove there because of a medical condition.

Before driving along the railroad tracks, England crashed her Ford Contour into a light pole, police said.

Her red vehicle had the light pole's paint scraped along the right side.

Tow crews used a backhoe to remove the car from the railroad area.

"This is really strange," said Ren Klawson, a Taberna resident, of the Friday morning scene.

No one was hurt.

England has been charged with unsafe movement.

Alcohol was not a factor, police said.

England will be evaluated to determine if she should be driving, police said.

Authorities say the woman plans to return to Arizona.

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