Officials warn against fast moving waters

Officials warn against fast moving waters

KINSTON, LENOIR COUNTY - As part of National Flood Awareness Week, officials and meteorologists stress that flooding can happen year-round, and fast-moving rivers can be dangerous.

It only takes 6" of fast moving water to knock a full grown man off his feet. It only takes two feet of water to carry away most cars and SUVs away.

Officials say most people know how to avoid flooding caused by hurricanes, but often times forget how fast currents can be in rivers, even if they are only slightly above their banks.

"That's a fast moving current. Even if you are a good swimmer it would be hard to tackle the Neuse on a day like today in the water," says Kinston Life Safety Educator Woody Spencer.

Statistically, floods kill more people each year than hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning events. Most people that die from floods are found in their cars. Statistically more men are killed in floods than women each year.

Experts say it would be easy to reduce flood fatalities if people would resist the urge to drive through flooded roadways. Often times what looks like only a few inches of water is actually much deeper, because water frequently washes out roadways.

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