Officials: Parents busted for Sweet 16 booze party

Officials: Parents busted for Sweet 16 booze party

BRIDGETON, CRAVEN COUNTY - Two parents are facing charged for allegedly giving alcohol to a group of young people ranging in age from 12 to 20 years old.

Alcohol Law Enforcement officers arrested Bobbie Lisa Melvin and Carmello Ayala early Sunday morning. Officials said more than 20 underage people were drinking at the couple's house in Bridgeton.

Officials said the party started at the New Bern Convention Center as the couple's daughter's "Sweet 16," and then moved to the couple's home for an after party.

Officers found fifteen teens between the ages of 12 and 15 drinking. Another five 17 to 20 year olds were also drinking at the home.

Investigators confiscated beer, wine and liquor, and said Melvin was making margarita slushies for her daughter and her friends.

"I was really shocked," Ruthie Gaskins, a neighbor, said. "I can't believe they would think Lisa and Carmello would do something like that."

According to investigators, the party had a DJ. The parents also put a bowl next to the door for guests to put their keys in.

"I guess it got out of hand," Frank Losavio, a neighbor, said about the party. "I guess they made poor decisions. They just have to make the right decisions now."

Melvin and Ayala are each charged with five counts of aiding and abetting someone under age. More charges are possible, investigators said.

A court date for the couple is set for August 15th.

The five young people, ages 17 to 20 are charged with underage drinking.

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