Officials: Officer tases student to break up fight

Officials: Officer tases student to break up fight

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - A school resource officer breaks up a fight by using a taser on a student, according to officials.

Onslow County School's spokeswoman Suzie Ulbrich said the fight happened at Jackonsville High School around 11 Thursday morning.

NewChannel 12 has cell phone video of the fight that shows the officer stunning a student. Jacksonville Police Department spokeswoman Beth Purcell confirmed the school's resource officer stunned 15 year-old Devron Duncan.

The officer's use of an Electronic Impulse Device, also known as a taser is under investigation, according to officials.

The fight happened in the court yard, which is visible to most of the classrooms and students. Jacksonville High School student, Brendan Nagy said he saw the whole thing from his desk.

"I saw the kid lying flat, straight on the ground like an angel pose, and then the cop just came up, and the cops like holding his arm and the kids just out," Nagy said.

Officials said Duncan was taken to a hospital and released the same day.

Purcell said the officer's use of force will be reviewed by the agency, which is standard protocol. Their policy on using a taser depends on the actions of the person, threats to the officer, and surrounding circumstances.

Ulbrich said any charges are up to JPD. According to Ulbrich, the school only handles the disciplinary actions of students.

A student can be suspended a maximum of 10 days. We were unable to confirm if Duncan is facing any punishments.

NewsChannel 12 searched through several online databases and asked several officials a way to contact Duncan's parents. We were unable to reach them Saturday night.

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