Officials Investigate Overnight Attempted ATM Theft

BB&T ATM Attempted Theft

PLYMOUTH - Police were on the scene of an ATM break in late Friday night at a BB&T Bank in Washington County. An alarm at the ATM at the bank was set off at 3:25am, Friday, when someone tried to break into the side of the ATM.

They broke into a door to the 24 ATM. People working at the bank have posted an out of order sign and also taped the door shut.

The bank is at the corner of Washington St. and Main St. in Plymouth.

Police say they are not used to dealing with break ins in the town of just over 4,000 people.

Police do not have a suspect yet. They are waiting on surveillance video from the bank.

However, whoever broke in didn't get away with a dime. They couldn't get into the safe.

At last check, police were still investigating the incident. 

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