Officials Euthanize Beached Whale

CAPE LOOKOUT - Officials from several agencies tending to a whale beached near Cape Lookout have decided to euthanize the mammal. Experts say the animal was destined to starve to death otherwise.

The calf minke whale was spotted Wednesday afternoon in shoals off the coast. Representatives from National Marine Fisheries said they believe the whale was separated from its mother and could not survive.

Officials from the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries, the North Carolina Maritime Museum, and North Carolina State University assisted in trying to reach, rescue, and sedate the whale.

G. Lee Collins from Beaufort Inlet Seafood Company and Sam Sellars of Eddy Myers Real Estate helped a NewsChannel 12 crew get to the site to report on the story.

Authorities will perform a necropsy on the whale to learn more about exactly what happened to it.

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