Officials: ECU student dies in skateboarding accident

Officials: ECU student dies in skateboarding accident

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - An ECU rising senior was killed in a skateboarding accident, becoming the second Eastern Carolina resident to die from skateboarding in less than a month.

According to friends, Casey Kane was longboarding in Greenville last week when he fell and landed on his head. Kane, who was not wearing a helmet, died at Vidant Medical Center, friends told NewsChannel 12.

Kane started at ECU in 2009 and was a rising senior, school officials said. The victim was also a member of the band.

But family members said Kane would not want this story to be about him. They said he would want it to be about skateboard safety. 

NewsChannel 12 reached out to veteran skateboarder Logan Finch to talk about safety issues. In his 25 years of skateboarding, Finch said he has had his fair share of falls, including landing on his head.

"You get an instant headache. You kind of see dots for a little bit, you know? You think you might throw up or something like that," Finch said. "It's just, it affects you in such a heavy way that your body almost goes into like a shock."

"It is a high risk sport," Finch continued. "People are prone to injuries all the time and it's reached a level where it is so high, that high risks are a common thing nowadays."

Yet, Finch said helmets are unpopular.

"[Nobody] ever wears a helmet on the street. Most commonly because it doesn't look cool. You don't ever see pros doing it [and] it's uncomfortable, it's hot," Finch said.

Kane became the second person to die in a skateboarding accident in Eastern Carolina within a month. On June 28, 13-year-old Andrew "Drew" Hughes was skateboarding in the Lands End neighborhood in Emerald Isle, when he fell and hit his head, police said. The teen died the next day from his injuries.

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