Officials say an 11-year-old boy was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull after getting off his school bus.

Tyquan Artis, who is in sixth grade, was walking home after getting dropped off by the bus. Tyquan said he took a different route than he normally does, which led him near the yard of a neighboring pit bull. Tyquan says the pit bull charged him, crossed over a ditch, and took him to the ground. "It bit me in my butt, grabbed me, and when I flipped over it almost bit me in the face," he said. "I was scared 'cause I didn't know if it had rabies, I didn't know if I was gonna live or not."

Tyquan said he fought and kicked the pit bull until it let go, at which point he ran home. "My son came home screaming, holding his head and his bottom screaming, saying 'a dog just attacked me'. Bleeding. It just was terrifying," said Rani Artis, Tyquan's mother.

Tyquan was taken to the hospital as Rani went to talk to the dog's owner. She said "he saw his dog attack him, but there wasn't nothing he could do about it, it happened so quick."

Tyquan described his wounds as "deep and it's like two bites, it's like two big bite marks." Rani said doctors told them they couldn't stitch it up, because the wound could get infected. "It's two big gashes and it's an open wound, it's very bad," she said.

Members of the Artis family are not strangers to pit bulls. They have one of their own. Rani said they're intended to be protective dogs, but the vicious ones need to be properly restrained. "They just need to have their animals detained, special, vicious animals.," said Rani.

Newschannel 12 attempted to contact the owner of the dog multiple times.

Animal control officials let the owner keep the dog, saying it needed to be on a shorter leash or inside. They said they have never had a problem with this pit bull in the past.