Officers search nine Jacksonville stores for counterfeit goods

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Officers from various law enforcement agencies have executed nine search warrants across the city of Jacksonville in what appears to be tobacco stores.

Officials say they're searching these stores for counterfeit goods.

NewsChannel 12 went to two locations today, both tobacco stores, and saw officers loading boxes of purses, t-shirts, hats, CDs and money into a trailer for evidence.

The two tobacco stores were Y & S Discount Tobacco Outlet off Richlands Highway and Tobacco City on Yopp Road.

Officials add that Alcohol Law Enforcement, the Secretary of State's office and Homeland Security, as well as the Jacksonville Police Department and the Onslow County Sheriff's Office are involved in this investigation.

NewsChannel 12 asked if anyone was in custody as a result of these searches, and officials said, "Yes," but not who or how many people.

Stay tuned with NewsChannel 12 for more information.

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