Obama accepts the Democratic nomination, continues campaign

CHARLOTTE - President Barack Obama's fall mission comes down to this: Remind voters why they chose him in the first place, hope the economy doesn't get worse and paint Mitt Romney as an unacceptable alternative.

Obama departs his Charlotte convention with a re-election path that is far from certain. In a reminder of that, his administration was releasing its August jobs report early Friday, offering the latest snapshot on whether the country's 8.3 percent unemployment rate was improving.

Over the next 10 weeks, Obama will try to cast the campaign as a choice between his economic policies and Romney's agenda.

Polls show a close race and Republicans and Democrats alike expect that to be the case until November.

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President Barack Obama has accepted his party's nomination for a second term, saying voters face the clearest choice at any time in a generation.

Obama said at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night that America has been tested by the cost of war, a troubled economy and crippling political gridlock.

He calls the election a choice between two different paths for America and two fundamentally different visions of the future.

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