North Carolina ranked in top 10 states with worst drivers

North Carolina ranked in top 10 states with worst drivers

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - North Carolina, a military-friendly, beautiful state with a lot of opportunity, apparently has a lot of bad drivers.

Gary Danford has done a lot of driving around the state and seen it for himself.

"You see so many people on their cell phones, texting, and several times I've had people cut in front of me," Danford said. "It just seems like it continues to get worse."

It doesn't surprise him that North Carolina is ranked 7th in the top 10 states with bad drivers. The survey results come from data gathered from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Sandra Gillikin reacts to the survey.

"I think it's totally unfair," Gillikin said. "There's bad drivers everywhere, and good drivers everywhere. North Carolina is a friendly state."

The survey is based off fatalities, drunk driving and careless driving tickets per 100 million miles traveled. Although the state's driving doesn't seem the best, Onslow County's driving stats are improving.

Over the last couple of years, according to troopers, the total number of wrecks have slowly gone down in Onslow County, but fatal crashes are on the rise.

This year, there are fewer DWI charges, but more reckless driving charges.

First Sgt. David Ogelesby says age doesn't matter in who's involved in these wrecks.

"We see the gamut from everybody from high school up to the 60 plus senior citizen category for Onslow County," Ogelesby said.

The best advice: pay attention to the road, slow down and keep your distance.

"Take your time," Danford said. "You'll get there. Five seconds or two minutes won't make a difference."

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