North Carolina drivers could be charged by how many miles they drive

Pay by the Mile?

North Carolina drivers could be charged by how many miles they drive

With the growing population and growing cost of construction and road repairs, the State of North Carolina must come up with an idea to bring in more money. But by doing so, that could mean more money coming out of your pockets

North Carolina drivers currently pay one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, at 37.6 cents per gallon. But due to more fuel efficient cars requiring less gas, the state is taking in less money from that gas tax.

Last month the Department of Transportation board members met to discuss the issue.

"They looked at all the different issues how construction cost and roadways doubled in the last decade, also how we're getting a lot more people moving in the state" said Steve Abbott, NC DOT Communication Supervisor.  "Basically we'll have four million people in the state by 2040".

One of the proposals the board is looking into is charging drivers half a cent for every mile they drive.

For example, a person who travelled 15 thousand miles in a year would pay about 75 dollars.

One of the other issues with this proposal is privacy. In order to track your mileage, state officials are proposing putting in GPS tracking systems in your cars.

However Abbott stresses this is just one of seven proposals the board is looking into.

Some of the other ideas on the table are increasing the insurance liability fee, a 1% increase in the highway use pass, or lifting the cap on gas tax.

According to the NC DOT official, the transportation board would have to approve the proposal.

 It would then go to the General Assembly for approval, then to the governor for final approval into law.


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