No jeans allowed in Pitt County Schools

No jeans allowed in Pitt County Schools (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - The Pitt County Board of Education unanimously voted to ban all denim starting at the beginning of the next school year.

The uniform policy change came about because students weren't following the guidelines already put in place. In the past, students could wear unfaded black or khaki colored jeans, as they didn't appear to look like jeans, school officials said. However, when students started wearing faded jeans or patterned jeans it became a problem.

The revised dress code policy requires that no jeans of any color be worn during school hours. Also, denim jackets, vests, leggings and jeggings (the leggings that look like jeans) are banned.

People we talked with in the community had mixed reactions.

"Oh, I don't like that because I think it takes away individuality," Devorah Dent said.

"I think that as a Mom it's very easy to have a uniform standard where everyone wears the same thingsā€¦It's important that students abide by the authorities that set the rules and that the rules are there for their own good," Sarah Wall said.

"The schools aren't doing their job. They're worried more about little things rather than teaching the children and guiding them," Julianne Huff said.

However, school officials believe this change will help students look more work-appropriate. Plus, they will be spending less time focusing on what they are wearing and more time on their school work.

According to the policy manual, each individual school is allowed to have what's called "jeans day." However, that can happen only once a month and no more than 9 times per school year.

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