Night Hunting Proposed for Feral Swine And Coyotes

STATE WIDE - NC Wildlife Commission proposes night hunting for the over population of feral swine and coyote.

NC Coastal Region Supervisor Robbie Norville said over population of the two animals has been an issue since the 1990's and is now getting out of control.

"It is an issue, it?s a growing issue. We're at the point now where we need to be taking aggression to take control of both of these," Norville said.

Norville said night hunting is a proposed option as well as traps. Complaints of crop destruction have been sent to local wildlife officials.

Pitt County Farmer James Miller said four of his calves were killed from coyotes and he only expects thing to get worse.

Five public meetings are scheduled across the state for residents to offer ideas of controlling the animals.

If the night hunting proposal passes, hunters can hunt coyote and feral swine year round on Sundays.

Norville said resident can also submit their ideas online. Visit the website byclicking here

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