NewsChannel 12 obtains 911 call in deadly Beaufort shooting

The wife of a man shot inside his Beaufort home made a frantic call to 911 Thursday night. NewsChannel 12 obtained the entire call. Here's a portion of it:

911 Dispatcher: Carteret County 911. What's your emergency?
Caller: Please send the cops to 202 Rutledge Avenue. My husband has been shot. A man is in the house with a gun.

911 Dispatcher: Ma'am. Ma'am what's the address?
Caller: 202 Rutledge Avenue.
911 Dispatcher: Roberts Avenue?
Caller: Rutledge Avenue. Old Beaufort Village.

Police say Arthur Page first went to 203 Rutledge Ave., where he was involved in a domestic dispute with his sister, Susan Salazar.

Salazar ran to the home of her neighbor, McArthur Wright. When Mr. Wright let her into the home, police say Page fired his shotgun through the front door, injuring both Wright and Salazar.

Wright's wife called 911 while the shooter was still in her home.   

Caller: Please stop. In the name of Jesus, please stop!

The caller went on to say: "My husband has been shot. I can't even go out there. This man has a gun. He was beating up his sister. I don't know if he's gonna try to break through and kill me. Please!"

Mrs. Wright said she didn't know if her husband was conscious.

Caller: Oh my God. I can't even go out there to see my husband. All I heard him screaming is ouch, ouch! (screaming)
911 Dispatcher: OK. Where is that subject now?
Caller: They're in my living room.
911 Dispatcher: He's in your living room?
Caller: Yes! (screams)

She described how Page allegedly attacked his sister.

Caller: I guess she came to the house, running away from her brother.
911 Dispatcher: Where is she right now?
Caller: I don't know. He just shot five times.
Caller: The lady told me that my husband was shot. Her brother had the gun.

Seven minutes into the call, Mrs. Wright told the dispatcher that she was hiding in the bathroom closet. More than nine minutes into the call, the dispatcher told Mrs. Wright that officers were outside and trying to secure the scene. Seconds later, Mrs. Wright whispered that someone was trying to break down her door. The call ended with a police officer asking Mrs. Wright to "show (her) hands" and confirm her identity.

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