NewsChannel 12 investigates unsolved crime in New Bern

Chief Toussaint Summers, Jr. discusses lingering investigations

NewsChannel 12 investigates unsolved crime in New Bern

NEW BERN - NewsChannel 12 is getting the facts right on unsolved crime in New Bern. In an exclusive interview, Chief Toussaint E. Summers, Jr. said investigators have identified a possible suspect in the shootings at a Dollar General Store on Neuse Blvd. near Hwy. 43 in July 2012. A gunman shot two employees during an armed robbery.

Chief Summers said the man detectives believe committed the crime is currently in jail on federal charges in a separate case. He also said police are waiting on results from the state crime lab to make a positive identification. The wait for DNA results can often last up to a year.

We also asked Chief Summers about a deadly shooting at a duplex on Racetrack Road in March 2012. Darius Bradley, 23, was shot and killed. Another man was injured. Chief Summers says the case centers around a botched drug deal involving a group of people who were invited to the duplex.

"We have basically identified everyone who was there, and we're trying to piece together all the information and again we need the support of our lab," Chief Summers said.

NewsChannel 12 will take a closer look at several unsolved business break-ins in a special report Tuesday.

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