New Year's Eve celebrations in Carteret County

New Year's Eve celebrations in Carteret County

CARTERET COUNTY - Crowds came out to Carteret County to take part in local festivities to bring in 2014.

Some of the most popular events included the "Marshmallow and Resolutions" event, the "Pirate Drop" and the annual "Crab Pot Drop".

"Marshmallow and Resolutions" and the "Pirate Drop" were hosted and sponsored by the town of Beaufort. These events were free to the public and were estimated to attract about 300 people, according Beaufort Town Manager, Charles W. Burgess, Jr.

The "Marshmallow and Resolutions" event gave family members an opportunity to talk with their loved ones about goals for 2014, while also making sweet treats. The town provided all the ingredients necessary to make S'mores. It was held at the Beaufort Waterfront.

Shortly after, at the same location, was the "Pirate Drop," where a fake pirate fell off an elevated plank into the Beaufort Waterfront. The town allowed the crowd to interact and be involved in the dropping, through performing a mini skit before the pirate fell into the water.

People who came out to the event say they couldn't imagine spending their New Year's Eve any place else other than Carteret County.

"We thought this would be a great family fun activity and something for our daughter to do," said Christy Propst, one of many who came to participate in the functions. "Just being able to spend time together in such a family fun atmosphere."

Hours later, people got in there cars and went down to the Morehead City Waterfront to go ice skating and watch the "Crab Pot Drop", an annual tradition.

As the clock struck down to midnight, the crab pot slowly descended to the ground. Right after it was finished, fireworks went off.

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