New year, new look for Greenville

New year, new look for Greenville

GREENVILLE - The city of Greenville is gearing up for a new look in 2013.

Consultants with North Star Destination Strategies presented a plan to create a brand for the city at Monday night's City Council meeting. The city hired the company last year to come up with a brand, including a slogan and logo for the city to put in place.

The goal is to give the city a boost and increase business and tourism in the area.

North Star's president and CEO, Don McEachern, said the branding process starts with research.

 "We're doing some man on the street interviews that are taking place, (and) some focus groups," McEarchern said.  "We're seeing how you all sell Greenville."

McEarchern said he and his team plan to spend the week getting to know Greenville.

Once that process is complete, McEarchern said the company will come up with a slogan and logo to represent the city, along with a strategy for the city to use the brand.

North Star plans to present the findings to City Council sometime in the spring.

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