New uniforms for local band

$45,000 to be raised before end of 2013

New uniforms for local band

CRAVEN COUNTY - Now that football season is over, band students at New Bern High School are confined to the band room.  The band room may look more familiar on the field in their uniforms. 

The jackets, bibs and helmets are tucked away in a closet until the next marching season.  It's a process that has been done to the uniforms for the last two decades, and it is starting to show.

"The chains on the helmets are falling apart.  The attachments where the feathery plumes would be they're falling off," said Chris Elbing, band director.

The uniforms are black and made out of a heavy wool material.  The challenge is fitting every student in a uniform.

"For many students, the uniform has to be adjusted.  Some students are smaller than what we have uniforms for so the student looks a lot larger than what they really are," said Jordan Darden, band student.

It's up to the 60-member band to raise 45,000 dollars to get the new uniforms.

"Forty-five thousand dollars is a lot though, but the uniforms, if taken care of, will last 10-15 years so it's a good investment," said Elbing.

To some students, it's more than a uniform.  It's a badge of honor.

"They represent who you are, just like the military.  You see those uniforms.  You expect precision, you respect them and honor them," said Darden.

If you would like to donate to the band, you may contact Chris Elbing at 252-514-6045.  Donations are tax deductible.

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