New town hall built to be waterproof

Offices moved into renovated building

New town hall built to be waterproof

ORIENTAL - Town manager, Bob Maxbauer, had the support of the Mayor and Board of Commissioners when he designed the new town hall to be as waterproof as possible.  Hurricane Irene flooded the building 17 months ago forcing operations to move into a trailer.

To avoid future problems, the refurbished town hall has ceramic tile three feet high and a ventilation system that dries the interior walls.

"We can force dry air along the bottom of the wall and dry it from the inside out so we don't have to remove any materials in case water does get into the building," said Maxbauer.

The new additions go from the bottom by raising the building another two feet to the solar panels under the tin roof.  Al modifications are done to help in future storms.

"We really want to have this structure be able to withstand an event similar to Irene or a higher event," said Maxbauer.

The interior of the town hall was built so that in case of a natural disaster it can be a command center.  When you look at the building from the outside, it reflects the overall attitude of Oriental.

"Oriental is a front porch town.  We hope that not only our citizens but visitors will comes and take advantage of the porch and the rocking chairs that will be placed out here," said Maxbauer.

The Oriental Town Hall is planned to be a safe haven for citizens during the good times and the bad.

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