New technology to help combat thefts

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Cop Dots, a microdot technology, helps protect your belongings.

The Greenville Police Department is working with Lowe's Home Improvement Store to reduce the number of thefts with the new technology.

Each pen dispenses a special, clear adhesive that contains thousands of tiny microdots that are marked with a special pin number.

The microdots are traceable once an owner registers the pin number online.

GPD officers can then search a database to look for your stolen property.

The microdots are not visible to the naked eye. You can only see the pin number under a microscope.

"Each pen, this is one of the pens themselves, will mark about 50 items. So it's very discreet and effective," Chief Hassan Aden said.

"In one way it's very low-tech because it's basically like putting your personal dot on your information. But it's very high-tech in that that you cannot turn them off, they are very difficult to remove," Data Dots Dealer Services James Mounce said.

Officers will be able to see if property is marked with Cop Dots using black lights that are provided to law enforcement agencies by the Data Dots Company for free.

The pens will be available at Lowe's for $29.98 starting in November. The pin code is registered to you when you buy the pen. You can also purchase the pens online for an additional charge.

GPD is one of the first law enforcement agencies in North Carolina to use this crime prevention technology.

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