New system introduced for scrapping vehicles and selling parts

In an effort to reduce the number of vehicles that are stolen and then sold for parts or crushed, the N.C. General Assembly has passed tougher laws requiring salvage yards and recyclers to verify vehicle information before scrapping vehicles or selling parts.

On Sunday, December 1, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles will introduce the North Carolina Scrap Vehicle Reporting System.  This system will allow metals recyclers and salvage yards to verify whether a vehicle brought to them without a title and more than 10 model years old has been reported stolen prior to purchase.

Salvage yards and metals recyclers will be able to cross-reference information with DMV files to see if the vehicle is reported stolen.

If a vehicle is cross-referenced and reported as stolen, the purchase will stop and the system will immediately notify the Division's License and Theft Bureau about the stolen vehicle.  The business must will be required to notify their local law enforcement agency.

If the vehicle is not reported as stolen, the sale may continue but the business must have a copy or scanned image of the seller's driver license and identifying information about the vehicles.  A printable verification must be on the business's record for two years from the date of the purchase.

The vehicles information will continue to be verified by the new system for five days following the initial request. The business will not be held liable if the motor vehicle later turns out to be stolen.

Because of routine weekly maintenance, the system will not be available for verifications on Sundays from 6 a.m. to noon.

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