New obesity study: overweight people live longer

New obesity study: overweight people live longer

EASTERN CAROLINA - The concept of being overweight may be a sensitive subject. But according to a new study, it might be okay.

A new study, released by the The Journal of the American Medical Association, reported that being overweight might help a person live longer, going against doctors and other research.  According to the study, overweight people lived longer than those with normal weight or who were obese. One explanation was that overweight people get more medical care because of early warning signs to disease.

Researchers said overweight people might be better off when going through illnesses like cancer or undergoing surgery, because they're prone to losing weight under those conditions.

But Michael Daley, Gold's Gym director of personal training in New Bern, said living longer was about staying fit and eating healthy.

"If you were to arrive at an unfortunate illness, you'd be stronger in order to fight it off, rather than being overweight and having excess weight to lose, during the illness," Daley said.

"I'm 33 years old, I'm six feet tall and about 250 pounds," said Gold's Gym member Steven Galvao. "I'm definitely considered overweight, especially for military standards. The body fat percentage, height and weight, I'm way under what they're looking for."

Researchers said there wasstill work to be done and more research to do. They said it was hard to judge someone's life span based on height versus weight.

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