New Marine Corps Pet Policy Bans Specific Breeds of Dogs

Any dog deemed agressive will be banned as well.

CAMP LEJEUNE, NC - A new pet policy will soon go into effect across every Marine Corps base in the country. As of September 30th, specific dog breeds and all aggressive dogs will be banned from base housing.

Captain Joshua Smith, Deputy Director of Public Affairs at Camp Lejeune, says pit bulls, rottweilers, and wolf hybrids will be banned regardless of when the animal was acquired.

"The owners of the wolf hybrids, the pit bulls, and the rottweilers aboard base have been given ample opportunity to know about and educate themselves on the registration process and enforcement," says Smith.

In fact, owners have known about the policy change for over 3 years. 

In August of 2009, the US Marine Corps established an order restricting these breeds in base housing. Since then, Smith says new residents have not been allowed to bring the restricted breeds on base.

However in 2009, certain owners with those type of dogs already living on base were allowed to apply for a temporary waiver.  If they obtained a waiver, they could keep their animal until a preset deadline of September 30, 2012.

Smith says the grandfather clause is now being pulled and anyone who owns one of these breeds must give up their pet or move off the base.

In addition, all pets no matter the breed or type must be registered under this new plan.

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